Recovering from hail damage

Recently we all saw what Mother Nature is capable of, you are right we are making a reference to the most recent hail storm that hit the area. Our church was in the affected region, and the churches vehicles saw the most extensive hail storm damage. Lucky for us, a member of our congregation is an owner and technician of a business that deals with dent and hail damage repair. Chuck and his PDR repair truck that mostly serves Phoenix, Scottsdale and other nearby locations, luckily for us, has come on a family visit and stopped by our church.

hail damaged carWe were just noticing the damages cars and starting to figure out what our next step needed to be, when Chuck came by. At once he also noticed the extensive damage our cars and bus had, and didn’t hesitate to offer help. He asked if the vehicles were insured, as this would cover the costs of the dent removal and could do the job practically at once to remove all of the little dents left by the hail as soon as possible. The church does take out an insurance policy for its cars, so the agent was contacted, and it was confirmed, Chuck can perform the paintless dent repair, as this is the preferred method for repairing hail damage, and the insurer would get in touch with Chuck directly to agree on all business details.

The situation was resolved as quickly and unexpectedly as we were struck by the storm. He does work in mysterious ways.

We are curious by nature, so we wanted to know more about the technique of paintless dent removal and we also knew there may be others in need of repair for their cars, so this information would be tremendously useful. Chuck was happy to elaborate, and explain everything as he worked on our cars.

Paintless dent repair (PDR) method has been around for more than 20 years, and has been the primary method to repair hail damage for about the past 5 years. The method can be used not only to take out the little dents left by hail but also larger dents and dings on your bumpers, doors or other body panels after minor collisions. This method is a notably cheaper and quicker way to have your car repaired compared to the traditional vehicle body repair methods.

Paintless dent removal method makes use of metal poles and special body picks to push the dent out from the behind of the body panel. Then a special material is used to pull the dent out, then by tapping, the edges are raveled ensuring that the dented area is returned to the original form. These steps guarantee that no trace remains either of the damage or the repair work done on the car. All of the work is done using a special fluorescent lightning, as this illuminates the darker spots on the cars body that indicates a dent. This method reveals even those dents that cannot be seen with a naked eye. For this reason the technician cannot work in bright sun, but needs a garage or at least a shaded area. Not counting the saved time and money paintless dent repair method’s greatest advantage is that all of the hail damages, dings and dents are repaired without damaging or changing the original factory paintwork.

We had an excellent experience working with Chuck, so if ever you are in or around Scottsdale and Phoenix, and you are in need of a mobile paintless dent repair, do stop by Chuck’s

For the good faith: 15 truths from Mother Teresa

mother teresa helping a childMother Teresa, Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu in real name, was born in an Albanian family in Skopje in the Ottoman Empire, which is now the capital of Macedonia, on 26 August 1910. But during her life she held 27 August – the date she was baptized – as her actual birth date. Her true life calling Mother Teresa acknowledged at a surprisingly early age, she was only 12 years of age when she announced to the family that she wants to dedicate her life to religion by becoming a Catholic nun. Upon reaching the maturity age, she left her mother and sister and fled to Dublin to join a women’s monastery and become a Loreto convent sister. With the time, she changed her name to honor the Blessed Teresa.

Already at a young age Mother Teresa was interested in India, especially the living conditions of people. In 1929 the nun went to Darjelingu, city in the west of India near the Himalayan mountains. After a short period she moved on and settled in Calcutta, where she represented her monastery as a geography teacher and later on as a school director.

With time Mother Teresa became increasingly active in the improvement of living condition of the poor, unwanted, unloved and abandoned ones. At that time there were several rumors circulating the society that said Mother Teresa has been encouraged to follow this path by the Jesus Christ himself.

In 1948 Pope Pius XII allowed Teresa to live as an independent nun; two years later the Vatican officially announced the establishment of Mercy Order to honor the altruistic work done by Mother Teresa and her followers. In 1965 Teresa’s charitable mission began their activities outside India, helping impoverished people, abandoned children, the sick and the elderly around the globe.

She died on 5 September, 1997 due to medical issues, having experienced two heart attacks. In 13 March 1997 Teresa had managed to hand over the self-established charity manager duties. These charities are active as of today!

During her life she received several awards: the Padma Shri, the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding, the La Storta Medal for Human Service and the Nobel Peace Prize to name a few. Many of the books written by Mother Teresa on religious and spiritual topics, as well as countless life lessons are extremely popular even today. Have a fuller life with higher expectations!

  • Loneliness and the feeling of abandonment – even worse than the most extreme poverty
  • Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let’s start now!
  • Lord, when I am hungry, give me someone in need of bread, when I am cold, send me someone who should be warmed up; when I am frustrated, give me someone who seeks comfort; when I don’t have time, give me someone that needs a help; when I am discouraged, send me someone who seeks for encouragement, when I need an understanding of others, send me someone who needs my understanding
  • We can’t do great things in this life. But we are capable to accomplish small jobs with great love
  • Peace begins with a smile

child with a huge smile on his face

  • Don’t think love needs to be unusual for it to be true. The most important is the ability to love without tiredness
  • Spread love everywhere you go! Don’t let anyone leave less happy than he has come!
  • If you judge people, you have no time to love them
  • Love begins at home. If we don’t love those who we see twenty four hours a day, how can we love those whom we see just once?
  • Live simply so others may simply live

couple holding hands and viewing sunset

  • I can do what you can’t. You can do something that is beyond the reach of me. Together we can accomplish great things
  • Every time you smile at someone, it’s an act of love. A gift to that person, a beautiful gesture
  • If you can’t feed hundred people then feed one
  • Today we have no time to even look at one another, we don’t have time to talk, to enjoy the company of each other … Because of it we meet each other less and less. Lack of kindness and love drives the world in misery. People suffer in the thirst of love, but lack time for love because they are in such a hurry

girl enjoying an icecream

In reflection

There are two days we don’t need to think about; two days that should be free of fear and concern. Two days to sacrifice to God. One of them is yesterday with its mistakes and cares, failure, pain and concern. But yesterday is gone and out of reach. All memories combined can’t give yesterday back. We can never again repeat exactly what we did yesterday. We can’t return back to yesterday! We can’t erase the word we said yesterday, we can’t change it if we have hurt someone. Yesterday is simply and irreversibly gone…

The other day we shouldn’t be worried about is tomorrow. Tomorrow with new responsibilities, new challenges, large and small promises we can or can’t keep. But also tomorrow is not in our control, we can’t neither control nor change it. The Sun will rise tomorrow, either bright or behind the clouds, but it will rise. But while it rises, we have no part of tomorrow, because it has not yet come…

We all have just one special day – today. Every man can stand a one day struggle with life and its problems. We break only when we add today the burden of eternity – yesterday and tomorrow. It’s not today’s adventures that bring us into despair. It’s the remorse and bitterness about what happened yesterday and the endless concern about what will happen and how to live tomorrow.

Let’s lie so there is no shame and regrets of the past! Let’s forgive those who have made us sad, let’s smile on those who have been arrogant on us! Let’s say a good word to those who have forgotten about us and open the doors to those who have shut them in front of us. We live to love! We will do everything in good faith! Let’s say the truth in love! We live today…

The Lord has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad. /Psalm 118:24/